Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Front Porch

There are three Sharp-shinned hawks. The smallest one is the biggest threat and is especially comfortable in the Cottonwood tree so I've been on the front porch a few days reading and driving it off just as it comes in for the landing. It's having an effect as today it was pretty much fly byes. I see it sitting on the rocks by the hogans watching. A few weeks ago I slept in Linny's room with the door open and woke to see it sitting on the railing on the back porch looking through the screen door. Woke up with the feeling somebody was watching me and it was. Odd one today when a large Sharp-shinned flew over and a raven went after it constantly harassing and chasing it off. Usually there's a critter or two that visits on the porch while I'm there.

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