Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Red Rock 4-Wheelers

On Monday evening I went to the Red Rock 4-Wheelers monthly meeting. What a great group of people. Best I can tell from the three meetings I've attended nobody gets paid and they take great pride in maintaining the jeep trails around here and running Jeep Safari right around Easter every year and pretty much giving all the funds to local charities. They have tough issues. We've all seen what the rains have done to just my driveway the last month so you can imagine what has happened to many of the trails. Trails are marked from one to ten in difficulty with one being the easiest. If it weren't for the Red Rock 4-Wheelers many of the trails that are marked say 1 thru 4 would be 5 thru 7 now and very few trails would be left for the novice and intermediate off road riders. In most places the BLM won't allow works arounds where they reroute the trail to nullify the work of the weather so somebody has to get up there and do the hard work and these are the people.

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