Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kobae: San Diego (Day One)

At Base Camp loading a five minute dog chase video would take eight hours. In San Diego, 34 minutes, so I'm going to show most of today's first dog chase and all the disaster that followed. If you can't enlarge the videos then click on the DSCF number.After successfully chasing off the dog Kobae does a victory celebration of sorts on the block wall. After the dog has gone in the house Kobae continues searching for it and breaks a water main. It took us about 15 minutes to get the water shut off and here's the bill I paid after the plumber left. We hiked through the former military firing range on the way back looking for unexploded shells and then Kobae couldn't help but explore one more side of a house that went wrong for him. Evening has come and darkness falls on this normally quiet neighborhood of Tierrasanta. Kobae, safely tucked away and fast asleep in the garage thinks not of the broken Halloween ornaments, destroyed pumpkins, fallen solar lights, crushed water mains, and unrecognizable sprinkler heads he has left behind but dreams of tomorrow's adventures. Good night from Tierrasanta.


MoabUtah said...

Atta boy, can't suburbanize that desert tortoise without a little rebel surfacing

Tom said...

Before somebody (like they did once before) calls the SoCal wildlife police, Michele only meant desert tortoise in the since that he lives in the Moab desert eight months of the year. Kobae is an African Spur tortoise. At 9:15 this morning he has already broke thru the garage door and is pushing chairs over in the back yard ready to go.