Monday, September 16, 2013

The Great Escape

Tom is working around the lodge and sees Kobae circling his yard ready to go hiking but Tom has some things he needs to finish before that can happen. A while later Tom surveys the yard and doesn't see Kobae anywhere. Walking over to the yard the gate is closed but there is only one set of footprints coming out of his house and no footprints going back in. Tom goes back inside, canteens up, gloves, and a head lamp in case he's out there all night. Circling the yard Tom finds where Kobae has broken a wooden stake and crushed the fence escaping over the top. After half an hour or so of tracking Tom finds Kobae headed for the dead end canyon. Tom joins him for an hour or so hike and then it's steer him back to the lodge and fix the fence. No more wooden stakes. Might work for Dracula, but this is Kobae and iron stakes from now on.

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