Friday, September 13, 2013

It's In His Head (Big Day for Kobae)

All the years Kobae has been here he's had a fascination with certain things. One solar light he doesn't like. Percy, the tube worm he would push off the front porch into the flowers everyday until a wall was built to elevate it above Kobae's reach. There's a sign on the way to the Wind Caves Kobae insists on knocking over every time he passes it. He'll wade into the river but he won't cross a stream of water half an inch deep if it's flowing, even a little, no matter what. One such fascination is a steep (though not looking so much on camera) slope by the Sand Hill in a dead end canyon on the way to the Wind Caves. He's apparently made it twice. The first time seven years ago because Tom had to help him down and a couple years ago after Tom had bailed him out of another down hill and was still getting sand out of his boots. Tom never saw him make it either time, but had to rescue him both times on the way down. During those seven years he has failed to make it hundreds of times. But not today. Congrats Kobae.

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cyn said...

Way to go, Buddies.