Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last Day, No Dry Eyes

Sunrise comes. Tom finds a bat sleeping in the kitchen. Two hours later he's still there. He's not sleeping.

Friday was Bill and Yeti's last official day with Base Camp. Bill wouldn't leave until the garage he had been building felt right. That was 3pm today, Sunday. First class all the way, nothing but, all the time.

Bill and Yeti have been a huge part of Base Camp since the very beginning and Bill has poured his considerable heart into the lodge. Our best to Bill, Kay, and Yeti in Hawaii.


lue said...

Thanks Bill for all you did to make Base Camp so great. You will be missed, stay in touch," Mahlo" me and Linny practiced that.

Heather said...

That bat is nasty! I dont think they sleep like that either.

Tough week for goodbyes. Just you and Kobae now.


Tom said...

Blackie, Thelma and Louis down at the pens. We leave the pens open now and they come back every day or so. Rabbits and squirrels have come back with Yeti gone.